Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Day Twenty Five - sliding down the rabbit hole

Far out.

This self-reflective compulsion is overwhelming.

I can't stop reading, reading, reading books and blogs, articles and guides. Not just about sobriety but about all kinds of ways that we fall into uncontrolled, destructive behaviour - food, drink, sloth, anger, over-work, misery.

I feel like I need to step away from it for a bit, because it's stopping me from my day to day work (and being self-employed, that is more than a little problematic) but at the same time I feel like I need answers and the opportunity to hunt Why is too good to miss.

I am so motivated to understand how I got to this place, where I could say 'Enough'.

So I don't think I will climb out of the rabbit hole just yet.

But I really have to do some work tomorrow!



  1. There is a lot to learn!
    I am still learning, but there times I have to give myself a break.

    1. Navel gaze for too long and you get buried in the lint!

  2. Both back in January and now I've been obsessed with reading about sobriety and there are some great books out there! I think if I didn't have my bedroom lights set up on a timer to force me to go to bed, I would stay up half the night reading.

  3. “It’s good to be curious about many things”
    — Fred Rogers
    He’s right!

    1. True! Curiosity is something I'd - not lost exactly, but grown tired of? It took too much mental effort.

      Hugs back at you Sam

  4. There’s just So much to learn and consider!

    1. Listening closely to heart and mind, these days Anne.

  5. I can definitely relate to this post. This is the selfishness that I wrote about the other day. But it's a good selfish because it feeds your mind and soothes your soul (to learn these things). Best to you!


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