Saturday, 3 March 2018

Day One. Tick!

Puppy time

I'm catching up with this post (it's actually Day 3) so I'll keep it quick and add a photo because - adorable.

Here you go.
This is River  Maggie (edited with her new name after living with the uncallable River for a week!).

  She's only six weeks old - and although we were led to believe she was twice that, it's ok.  We know puppies and she's in good hands so please no guilt about how she should still be with her mother because that ship has sailed.

No guilt about anything actually because, as per The Plan of Day Minus-One, I got through the whole 24 hours of our new puppy ownership without a drink.  I didn't even obsess about it too much.  Dwell, yes, but obsess? No.

And look at that little face! You couldn't disappoint her, could you? You couldn't be less than the very best she wants you to be?

It makes me feel sick that I didn't see how important that was with my human children. I know you're not supposed to regret, but I do for now. It's not that my worst drinking was going on when they were little - not at all - but I really wish I could have a do-over and enjoy it all more.

My kids are amazing. More on that later.

For now, Day One is done.

More to come (mtc).

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