Monday, 12 March 2018

Day 10: Double-digit-dry-days! And PUPPY update

Day 10

Hello day 10! Yay for double-digit-dry me :-)

I got my hair done today - I might be old  but it still grows way too fast so the regrowth was well and truly up to skunk stripe stage after six weeks.

Before I went in I had this imaginary conversation with my hairdresser (Sue, I love her) in which she noticed something different about me and I would say, Why yes! I gave up the grog and I think it's starting to show!

But she was just her normal loveliness so it was left to me to continue the chat inside my head in front of the terrifyingly large mirror while she finished another woman's foils.

Me: is there something different about your face?
Me: yes I think it's changed since the last time I looked in this mirror
Me: not so bulge-y around the gills?
Me: I think that's fair. And what's that in your eyes: have your eyeballs started to go WHITE?!

It's true.  They might not be shiny white again yet but the burst blood vessels have beat a retreat and the dull jaundice smears are fading to at least an eggshell tone so far.

Let's hope my liver is looking a bit more cheerful too.  Not that it was more than 'a touch down' according to my GP, after my last blood tests, which I always try to dodge for fear of being diagnosed with kidney disease, or Type 2 diabetes, or some other vile alcohol-induced illness.

So my hair is pearly blonde and my eyes are going white again, and as I type this I'm in my favourite wifi cafe, noting they have got a liquor license now and not the slightest bit bothered that I won't ever be using it.


Mrs D (THE Mrs D) came to visit, because she is, it turns out, just a delightful in her post-book real-life as any of us could hope.  And being a gorgeously polite Kiwi lady, as are several of my friends, she left a comment that made my day (Day 9 was made, to be precise).

It reminded me how absolutely wonderful blogging can be.  Some of my longest adult friendships are in fact from my newish mothering blogging days.  I've met many of them IRL over the past 13 or so years and we still support and entertain each other although it's mostly on Facebook and Instagram these days because who has time?

Well I do, now.  I have the time that's not being drowned in wine. And it is making me a happier person.


If you (if there even is a you, apart from the delightful Mrs D) read my first post as Mrs Sobers, you will know that I pinned my launch to sobriety on the arrival of our new puppy.

Her name is Maggie, and I have been remiss in not sharing more of the puppy love she brings to our family.

So here she is.  Keeping my every-brightening eyes on the prize:



  1. Thanks to Mrs D's blog list have discovered your blog and looking forward to reading more of your brilliant writing. I gave up the drink in June last year and the greatest benefit is the sense of calm it brings after the first few weeks. Have fun with the pup. Keep blogging. Chrisx

    1. Oh how lovely to meet you Chris! And isn't Mrs D fab? Her book + Clare Pooley's have been such powerful support for me. And now I am blogging again I am seeing beautiful contributions like yours, that show it really can be done. Becx

  2. Adorable! 10 days is fabulous. Keep at it!

    1. Thanks Anne (loved discovering your blog). And yes - adorable and a bit wicked and enormous fun: a perfect puppy!


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