Friday, 9 March 2018

Day Seven. Bored now.

Unlike a lot of other stories I've been reading, I've not been especially worried about becoming a boring person because I have a pretty low opinion of just how interesting I am anyway and am old enough to know that drinking doesn't make me more interesting to other people - it just makes other people more bearable for me.

But I am a bit bored with myself.

For the past couple of nights the Prof has had, at my urging, a glass or two of wine (HOW DOES HE DO THAT!) and I've been drinking things I like, anyway, like plain mineral water, or soda water and apple cider vinegar, or that newish low sugar Buderim Ginger Beer.

(Interesting: the Ginger Beer is 4 points on Weight Watchers - just like I was adding for a single glass of white wine. Except I can admit now I should have been adding 8 or even 10 points per the size glass I was drinking...)

And I'm totally ok with it.  

I had a moment a couple of nights back when I found a new bottle of Pinot Grigio at the back of the fridge and put it in the door shelf.  I checked in with myself and thought: nope, don't want to drink it. I wanted the Prof to enjoy it though.  

The 'moment' was just a fleeting 'I'll never get to taste you'. But it passed, and no pangs about it since.

No one has said anything about me not drinking wine at home yet.  The Prof and teens do daily car drives to school together so it may have been discussed there, or maybe they just haven't noticed.  

Anyone looking at the iTunes Family account will see half a dozen books with 'sober' in the title, so that's a dead giveaway.  I still don't feel like making a big announcement yet - it seems like it will jinx things for me.  I'm better off underselling this to myself for now.

But. A bit bored to be me.


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