Thursday, 15 March 2018

Day 13 and I'm coming out (also a new pic of PUPPY)

Hello Sober World, how ya doing?

I've been busy busy with work upheavals (just don't even ask) and cooking batches of soup, casserole, curries and cakes for two families after my brother had a serious operation last week (my SIL doesn't cook).

I have been quietly working through some sobriety thinking though, and  - ta-da-da-da-duuuuum - I've told a few more people that I've given up drinking.

It's a bit of a weird thing to say, isn't it? 'Oh hey, guess what? I stopped drinking!"

I said it on the phone this morning to my wonderfullest friend J.  She and I have both stopped drinking before, and tried to stick to AFDs and switch to spritzers, or shandies, or alternate wine with water. We gave up together a couple of times, egging each other on to stay strong (I think we almost made it to 10 days once - and that was with free-drinks allowed for the weekend!)

But there it is: I told her I'd stopped and she, gorgeous creature that she is, asked some really sensible questions and we were in the middle of a really good chat about the how and why of this Big Decision when I spotted Naughty Puppy chuffing up the driveway to inspect the chooks at the front fence and I had to bolt (we live on an acre block so it's a short jog but not conducive to conducting phone conversations at the same time).

Puppy break!

Here's today's Naughty Puppy pic, shown hitching a ride to school this morning on Youngest-By-One-Minute's lap.

Ms Maggie's adorableness makes it easy to forgive her anything, even having to run up a muddy driveway in my PJs home office clothes, dumping phone and friend along the way.

The pact

So back to sobriety, and I'm fairly sure the three co-residents (the younger teens and the Prof) of my house have made a pact not to talk about me not drinking.  Either that or they really are all as oblivious to me as I have occasionally suspected. But no, I think there's a pact.  

No one has said anything to me about the lack of wine and the Twenty Zillion new ways to drink fizzy water I'm displaying each night. And I'm very ok with that. I'd like this to just keep ticking along until at least the three month stage before I really talk about it to anyone other than my aforementioned bestie, and my 500+days sober friend, and perhaps my doctor.

Still. It's weird that none of them has even looked at me sideways. 



  1. Woo hoo!
    That puppy is soooo cute.

    1. Insanely cute, Anne. As I type this, early in the morning here, she and I are the only ones awake and she's challenging an empty San Pellegrino PET bottle to a wrestling match. x

  2. Could it be that most people are really not that interested in what other people do! Keep up the good work. You are going to have great sober fun with that puppy. X

    1. I had that thought too Chris! It's easier to understand that other people have their own stuff going on when you're not permanently slightly vexed with them for getting between you and a drink... x

  3. ADORABLE puppy!
    Talk when you feel comfortable. It was hard talking to my hubs about drinking, but so glad I did!

  4. What a cute puppy! I didn’t talk about quitting with my family for a long time either and it turned out they had -noticed- but didn’t want to say anything till I did. Do whatever works best for you. :-)


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